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commuter chaos from the beltway to the streets of montgomery county. it can be an exercise in patience today. quest major developments in the fight over health care reform. a democratic plan gets a big endorsement. >> the yankees are back on top. world champions for the 27th time. >> the bronx bombers do it again. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your
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side. good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you in us on this early thursday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we have potentially a nightmarish traffic situation in d.c. today. here's brian with better news. >> we are live here this morning. cool temperatures this morning. a cool shot from our proof camp. the sun does not come up until 6: tshot from our roof cam. low to mid 30's to start us out from woodstock to camp springs this morning. an isolated sprinkle north of town. we will talk to adam in attendance. let's first talk to lisa. breaking news on the beltway. >> that is right. two tractor trailers collided
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this morning on the inner loop at st. barnabas road. one is on its side. the other were ripped open just like a can opener. we will show you have video of this crash. inner loop at st. barnabas road. you will not be able to exit from saint barnabas road. drivers coming out of waldorf to access the beltway is a better right. i have a change in this accident. you are looking at video. the move everything onto both shoulders to allow traffic to travel through the area. you'll find it extremely slow leaving andrews to get towards st. barnabas road. we have problems in montgomery county with traffic signals. let's go to the news desk with that. >> thank you. pamela brown is live in bethesda. >> last night, so many headaches
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for drivers. >> we just spoke to transportation officials. despite technicians' best efforts, the system is not yet up and running. this morning's rush look a lot like it did yesterday. newschopper 7 showed just what can happen with a computer glitch. standstill traffic on montgomery county's busiest routes. testing patientce a lot of frustrated drivers. since early yesterday morning, technicians have been troubleshooting, trying to repair the traffic signal computer that normally extends a green light during rush hour. the signals are working independently in non rush hour mode. they are two years into way six- year project. >> we have an aging system we
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are in the process of trying to replace. the computer system is not working properly. " pedestrian signals are not affected. sometimes, walkers have the advantage. >> officials telos technicians have been working around the clock -- officials tell us technicians have been working around the clock to fix the problem. the bus system will be offering free rides throughout the day as a result of this problem. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. lisa will have a traffic update for you every 10 minutes. you can log on tour website for a real-time look. a computer glitch caused systemwide problems on metro. it is now fixed. it will cost millions from
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happening again. for most of the day yesterday, wrriders could not used farecards. aging power units were to blame. it will cost $14 million to fix this. metro is scrambling to plug a $22 million budget deficit. a big show of support for the so-called public option. the aarp will officially endorse the plan. the lost 60,000 members last august when it offered support for the plan. it is headed for a house vote this weekend. matt brock is live with what is next. >> congressional leaders say president obama will visit the hill tomorrow to meet with the democratic caucus. it will be aim -- some say the endorsement by the aarp may be
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just enough to reassure daughters about the controversial public option. these maryland residents had a message on health care -- do not give up too much to get compromised votes. >> why are we caving in to this perception that someone will filibuster? let them filibuster? who cares? let them stand up and say, we do not want health care for everyone in america. >> it will pay for coverage by making it affordable. >> those who have insurance are paying extra cost for those who do not have health insurance. and important point is to make sure that everybody pays their fair load. >> on the house side, this republican lawmaker insists his voters do not want it. >> 80% of the people who took
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my survey believed the current health care plan is the one better than that in the bill. >> a better chance for the public option. it will be funded in part by cuts from medicare. they hope the endorsement by aarp could help house members who were concerned that seniors would turn against them in the ballot box. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. john muhammad is scheduled to be executed in just five days. his attorneys released a letter in which he proclaimed his innocence. he refers to himself as "the innocent black man." the lawyer handed out the letter in response from a statement. this say it was filed in connection with a court appeal. an investigation is under y after a police officer hit
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and killed a pedestrian. this happened around 8:00 last night on interstate wjla295. baseball's most famous team is once again its best. >> the yankees are back on top. world champions for the 27th time. the new york yankees beat philadelphia 7-3 to take the world series. the lineup is loaded. the only needed one man last night, hideki matsui drove in six of the seven runs and was named series mvp. lots of partying in new york. >> and all bet there is a lot of partying in japan. congratulations to the yankees. metro meltdown.
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how much public cost to overhaul the systems infrastructure so passengers do not get stranded again? >> the cost to commute. how much you'll be showing up for a ride along the dulles toll road. >> this week will seek a typical fall roller-coaster ride in
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>> hello. i am with the american red cross. many people say they have never given blood because they have never been asked. consider yourself asked. good morning, washington. thursday morning, 6:11 a.m.
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it is a great morning. it is on the cool side. you may want some gloves on this morning. it is a cool start to the day. we're having a typical fault roller-coaster ride in terms of our temperatures. 43 degrees right now in chinatown. we are below freezing in a few locations. rock fell, up 31. 36 in the district. here is the forecast. -- rumsfelrockville, 31. tomorrow will be cooler than today. how are we rolling now? >> not very well in montgomery county. the main computer that affects the traffic signals went down yesterday. no change this morning. the signals are cycling independent of each other.
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they will not respond. it affects some of the crosswalk signals. be mindful of pedestrian. ride on is offering free rides to try to get you to use the bus system today. a huge tract on 270 after 80 urbana. it is blocking the left lane. use 355. there is a huge wreck on the inner loop at exit for saint barnabas wrote that the moved onto the shoulder. now iraq after branch avenue. moving -- now a wreck after branch avenue. delays at 3 miles getting from branch avenue. they are telling me to stop. northbound 95, a crash in newington has been moved out of the way. go.
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there you go. >> got it all in, thank you. you soon will be paying more to use the dulles toll road. tolls will go from 75 cents up to a dollar at the main gate and $1.50 by 2012. the money will help pay for metro's extend to out do dulles airport. 43 degrees. >> y a tamiflu shortage is holding up treatment for children sick from the swine u. >> please find more bodies in the home of a suspected serial killer.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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in our top stories, gear ready for another day of traffic backups in montgomery county. engineers worked through the night. the traffic signals are still not operating properly. the bus system will be offering free rides all day today. >> the body count at the home of the convicted rapist in ohio is now up to 11. a cleveland calcimine is demanding an investigation. relatives say police ignored their missing persons report. one man is being held without bond. >> the united nations is relocating more than half of their workers in afghanistan. there was an attack last week that left five staffers dead. about 600 staffers will be moved to a more secure location. we have been hearing about
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the swine flu vaccine shortage. a key drug is also running low. it is the liquid pediatric version of tamiflu. the manufacturer has a monopoly on the drug. they say they're confident they can continue to meet u.s. supply requirements. they say there is a safety net. >> the government can step in on that monopoly, pay the manufacturer and produce the drug itself. >> despite the shortage, there are plenty of capsules for adults and children. 6:17 on this thursday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with lisa baden. she has a lot today. be we're coming out of frederick. there is a huge crashed before 109. police arriving on the scene
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now. 355 is the way to go. traffic is basically nonexistent. those folks going by us, they are approaching the truck scales. normally we cannot even see the pavement. nobody can even get here. in virginia, hateful. that is describing the drive on 95 from dumfries to newington. the crash is gone. inner loop at exit 4, saint barnabas road, the crash has been moved onto the shoulder. there is a fender bender in the back up. >> take a look at this shot and say serenity now. ah. beautiful shot of the city. it is gorgeous out there. the sun will be up in 22 minutes.
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29 in front royal. below freezing. 34 in martinsburg. huntingtown, 35. a bit warmer towards the area. -- a bit warmer towards the water. let's go over to the maps. we do have a clear skies. klaus are dropping out of the ohio valley. maybe a sprinkle to our north. -- clouds are dropping out of the ohio valley. mid 50's tomorrow. milder air this weekend. 70 by the time we get to sunday. a couple of sprinkles possible. even downtown, 39 not out of the question. a touch cooler tomorrow. the sunshine sticks with us all weekend long. no rain this weekend. >> have you thought about teaching a yoga class?
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we're all peaceful now. >> unless you're in your car in montgomery county. a world series win for the yankees could mean good news for wall street. >> vinita nair has more. >> lawmakers are set to do more to pump up the economy. the senate voted on a bill to provide an additional 20 weeks of benefits for workers in many states. expands the home buyers tax credit. the bill offers tax relief for struggling businesses. the house is expected to approve the legislation. the federal reserve has decided to keep a key interest rate at its lowest level in history. the move was widely expected. investors were cheering. these low rates should stick around for an extended time.
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chrysler has a five-year plan to overhaul its cars. it includes new vehicles based on fuel efficient technology from fiat. these cars will not be on the road until 2012. ford is announcing the first ever rear-seat airbag. it will be located in the seat belt. these air bags will first appear in the next generation of explorer. kellogg's is dropping a controversial health claim it was making on one of its boxes of cereals. they will remove labels from cocoa crosby's that say now to help support you iunity. wall street should be celebrating the yankees world series championship. an analysis of the market shows when they win, so do stocks.
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the s&p 500 has returned an average of 10% the year after the yankees won a title. when they lost, stocks fell an average of 13%. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. 6:21, up 43 degrees. >> metro meltdown. how the plan to prevent another collapse. >> first-class or no class. i will tell you why an airline stopped a local passenger for what he was wearing. >> it is the karaoke challenge semifinals with billy ray cyrus.
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an airline refuses to seat a first-class pastor because of what they were wearing. >> swine flu makes a jump to a household pet. st>> i want to start on this story. a new twist on the spread of swine flu. a cat in i what has been infected with swine flu. officials say it is believed to be the first case of the h1n1 virus in a feline. the animal was treated and has recovered.
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there is no evidence swine flu can be passed from pets to people. a maryland man says he was refused to let him not be in first class because he was wearing a puma track suit. the gate agent saw the alpha and said he was not properly dressed for first-clas he was allowed to fly in a coach uses his original ticket. there is no comment from united airlines. in exchange for no jail time, a woman and her daughter agreed to stand outside the courthouse holding a sign explaining their crime. they held signs that read "i stole from my 9-year-old on her birthday do not still with this could happen to you per " they will ask for probation instead of jail time.
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the woman apparently took a gift card the girl left on a shelf at walmart while an employee was helping her. public punishment. i love it. >> like the old days. what did they call that backed the had stocks? correct this is a new version of that. she really deserves that. what an awful thing. >> stealing is one thing, but from a 9-year-old? >> i have seen people dressed in worse things than a track suit. >> i never get to see if first class. >> you walk by it. >> are right. what right on fast. thank you. 6:27 is your time. -- walked right on fast. >> a hero in action. a dramatic police rescue you will only see on abc 7.
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>> a critical communication break down within the metro system means millions of dollars of repa as the face a major money meltdown. >> we do have a first-class forecast for you. sunshine and milder air.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and welcome back to "good morning washington." 6:30 is your time. a lot to cover. " it could be an awful commute this morning. lisa baden will have more on that. >> pre-christmpretty crisp outs. we are about 10 minutes away from sun up. temperatures mainly in the 30's across the board. the reportsome added clouds, m's afternoon. >> interesting morning with an accident in newington now gone on 95. mainline delays begin at dale
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boulevard. crash moved onto the shoulder at saint barnabas road. there will be plenty to look at on the way. 270, a crash after 80. the left lane is blocked. his shows beltway travel in montgomery county. no change on the traffic computer system that controls the traffic signals. the computer system is on the fritz. the signals are operating independent of one another. >> thank you. drivers or not the only ones suffering from rush hour headaches on wednesday. >> a metro system collapsed left thousands of frustrated passengers. it raises new concerns about the aging infrastructure. courtney robinson is live with more. good morning. >> good morning. it brings to light the aging infrastructure and big money issues for the transit agency,
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already facing pay pay $22 million budget shortfall. there will be a budget deficit for the next fiscal year. the critical communication failure that caused outages of farecard machines and metro access to computer systems was caused when an aging distribution units conked out. they say riders not experience the same situation today. the do have a radio communication today. they will have to find $40 milln to replace two power distribution units. it allows them to operate smoothly. >> it was something old and that has been identified as needing to be upgraded.
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it was on the list. it failed before we were able to address it. >> there is no backup for these power distribution units that are located at headquarters. both of the aging units are now at the top of the list of issues to repair. all of the money issues, they will have to look into it. they are meeting and there is a board meeting scheduled for today. you can bet it will be on that list. >> thank you. police are investigating a crash that killed a biker overnight. this happened on 16th and emerson st. last night. no word on the identity of the victim. bob mcdonnell is getting to work. his transition team includes bill bolling.
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he says he plans to spend the next two months outlining his plans for key issues like the economy and transportation. police have arrested a 15- year-old in a series of attacks on women. this is mere coverstone drive in manassas dating back to august. the latest attack was tuesday night. he faces a abduction and attempted rape. he is being held without bond. a dramatic rescue you will see only on seventh involving a mother and her baby. a neighborhood winds on lockdown after police learned a man was holding two hostages. police jumped into action and retrieved the baby. the swat team was able to get the mother out. police arrested her mother. his name is daniel spriggs.
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> the parents of a missing virginia tech student are asking people in charlottesville to help search for her. morgan harrington became separated from her friends at a metallica concert last month. she was last seen on a bridge in charlottesville. the father of elizabeth smart, who was kidnapped in utah, has now joined in the search. >> i believe that she was still out there and fell she would come home and that is what we're hoping for with morgan. >> be strong. we're trying to find you. " police s they have received 350 tips so far end of paul up on every single one. coming up tonight, we will tell you how a local woman with a heart of gold is defying the odds. leon harris h a preview.
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apparently we will have that for you later on. time for a check on business headlines. >> linda bell is live in new york. we will beginning october sales updates for many stores today. costco has released its results. the reported a 5% jump in sales. the weaker dollar helped international sales. watch for some action in technology sales. sales of windows 7 operating system are fantastic. windows seven has exceeded revenue from the release of any of its previous operating systems. microsoft began selling windows 7 two weeks ago. the nation's largest maker of networking equipment shuddered
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offices and cut travel expenses. as for trading, take a look at stock index futures. they are little changed. ford is rolling out inflatable seat belts. they expand like an air back in the event of a crash. the district a force of impact over a wider impact over a passengers chest. they're also more comfortable at will be available on the next generation ford explorer. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. we have 42 degrees outside. your time is 6:38. >> we will tell you about a show of support for a local food bank. >> if you're hitting the roads in montgomery county, you may want to head out the door a little earlier. i will explain. >> we will back with a check of
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the skies and the streets.
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6:41 a.m. on this thursday morning. it is a beautiful morning. we have bright blue skies over the district. we're live in chinatown. 43 degrees. let's take a look from our rooftop hd camera.
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a beautiful sunrise this morni with the sunshine. weill make it into the mid 50's at this afternoon. comfortably cool this afternoon. partly sunny. tomorrow, even cooler. it will warm up into the 60's this weekend. >> i was captivated by the shot of sunshine. the sun goes right in your eyes if you travel eastbound. the backup on the inner loop with the sun will be in their eyes is already from rockville pike to an accident before georgia avenue. outer loop delays, no change in the traffic signals in montgomery county. the main computer system went down yesterday. they are operating but on their own. >> thank you. a northeast d. food bank that has been ordered to give
6:43 am
free bread to the needy may get a second chance. leo woodson has run noah's ark out of a church. city inspectors forced the church to evict the volunteers on monday because they did not have a permit to give the food away. >> i cannot rest at night unless i dohis. >> we're trying to find a temporary facility to help the gentleman. he is helping us. >> a former d.c. councilman sprang into action to try to save the program. they are seeking a donation for a building where the free bread can be distributed. >> nice to see so many people stepping up to help. 6:43 is your time. >> we will check back on the commuter chaos which we expect to see across montgomery county again.
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the winner of three gold medals is thankful she can even walk. she is a transplant patient. an organ donor saved her life. her second chance story of heart and determination tonight at 5:00. 6:46. >> house democrats are growing more confident in their ability to pass health care reform. aarp will reportedly endorsed the bill later today. president obama will make another pitch tomorrow. the house is set to vote on the
6:47 am
bill on saturday. >> the new york yankees are champions again. they beat the philadelphia phillies 7-3 in game 6. designated hitter hideki matsui driven a record six runs and was named to the world series mvp. two tractor trailers collided on 95 at st. barnabas road. one of the trucks caught fire. nobody was hurt. both have been moved to the shoulder. >> another accident. a tractor-trailer and car collided before 2:30 on 95 in newington. the driver of the car died at the scene. montgomery county officials say they could not affect the computer glitch that is plaguing the traffic signal system. pamela brown has the latest.
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>> it is not too bad right now. you cannot expect it will be bumper-to-bumper traffic. drivers in montgomery county should brace themselves or try to find another way to get to work. transportation officials say technicians have been working around the clock to fix the problem. they do not think this system will be up and running by the morning rush. it will look a lot like yesterday when drivers were stopped in gridlock. traffic was so bad yesterday. the traffic signal computer which extends green ligs during rush hour is not working. that means signals are working independently instead of in st sync. again, technicians are working on the problem. it probably will not be fixed in
6:49 am
time for morning rush. the bus system will be offering free rides throughout the day. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6 point 48. >> before we get to traffic and weather -- 6:48. i had an event on capitol hill, hosting for the national association of broadcasters. broadcast leadership training helps women and minorities learn how to own and run tv and radio stations. it has been around for 10 years and helping people to achieve success. we were celebrating 10 years. thank you for having me. >> we raised money for charities throughout the government agencies. i was one of three judges on a
6:50 am
panel as we watched people perform singing, acting. i had some fun comments. i tried to be like randy. they kept telling me i was pretty funny. they had some good performers. i appreciate them having me out there. >> are you the new simon cowell? >> you are on a roll. >> i had some good comments. >> it happens so rarely. >> let's bask in the sunshine. it is gorgeous. it is very nice but on the chilly side. we're in november. we're in the 30's. it makes sense. cloud cover coming down the pike. maybe a couple of sprinkles. nothing major happening with this system. most of the sprinkles will be
6:51 am
confined to the north. temperatures in the mid 50's today, low 50's tomorrow. milder air will move in for this weekend. saturday and sunday will get progressively warmer. a few sprinkles are possible this afternoon. mid 50's for temperatures. tonight, we fall into the 30's. it will be sunny. we will talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. >> he said sunday. there you go. newschopper 7. southbound delays out of frederick because of the accident on 80. 355, delays begin before 109 to access 270. crashed in newington is gone. headlights northbound direction very slow out of dale city to get to the beltway. new change in montgomery county.
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now a few stories to watch out for in the day ahead. new details into it bethesda it shooting. demand was attacked sitting in his driveway. -- a man was attacked sitting in his driveway. >> retail sales will be released this morning. they are expected to show a spending recovery. >> the toys for tots kicks off this morning. marine volunteers will be stationed at toy stores asking for your donatio. yogi berra once said if you come to a fork in the road, take it. but drivers in california are saying when you come to a fork in a row, and make sure you do not hit it. some prankster's to put in an 18-foot stainless steel for on a city therefore in honor of a pasadena, recalled owners
6:56 am
birthday. >> that is a big fork. >> fork in the road. let's check in with lisa baden patent. we have a lot of forks in the road. cats and dogs living together. montgomery county has problems with the traffic signals. delays are hefty on 95. newschopper 7 in urbana, 270 southbound. see the crash on the right shoulder. delays out of frederick. >> the sun is coming up. it is gorgeous outside. temperatures in the 30's. mid 50's and downright cold tonight. marr, only the low 's. sunshine all the way through next week. by saturday, we are pushing 60. by sunday, we are pushing 70
6:57 am
degrees. a good weekend to be outside. temperatures at night, it is going to beat a crisp aof air. >> i think you had the right idea with the gloves. >> thank you very much for watching. >> hope you have a great thursday. we will see you tomorrow. (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep-
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we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up- that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run.
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it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big.

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